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When you hire a Virtual Assistant you are only paying for the hours that are worked on your business and your business only. There is no paying sick time, vacation, or insurance when you hire a VA. Virtual Assistants can do everything an in-house receptionist can do and more without having to pay them for the hours they have nothing to do. Traditional receptionists will be paid $15.00/hour on the low end as much as $25.00/hour and that does not include benefits. Virtual assistants get paid by the minute with a monthly package and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. The overall picture of hiring a VA:

Traditional Receptionist

Virtual Assistant

Viable for 40 hours weekly

Available 24/7

$30,000 yearly

Roughly $500 a month

Entry Level position

Experienced/highly trained

Technology limited

SMS texting/reporting portals et.

They need a place to work

They work from a remote location

Take vacation, sick, personal days

Don’t work, don’t get paid

Legally required to pay overtime

There is no overtime

Federally mandated breaks

After hours, pt, ft, weekends availability

Calls/potentially clients missed call

There are no missed calls - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist